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Refrigeration Thermometer 0-12 C

Refrigeration Thermometer 0-12 C

Ref: BO5/RF1

Measuring 120 x 60 x 0.4mm this refrigerator thermometer will monitor the temperature at different levels in your fridge.

It can also be used to check that the accuracy of the temperature settings for those fridges that do have electronic thermometer settings. The recommended storage temperature for food is 5º C and this is clearly marked along with a warning if the temperature rises well above this level. An excellent piece of low cost kit to impress the environmental health inspector !

The card has two adhesive pads on the reverse allowing it to be attached to the side or where wide enough the front of shelves of Fridges and coolers

The Thermometer on this card has the following temperature pockets 1-3-5-7-9-11°C

When the pocket temperature is 1°C below the actual temp the digits are blue.

When the pocket temperature is 1°C above the actual temp the digits are brown.

Therefore this card reads from 0 - 12°C

In normal operation only 2-3 numbers will show at anyone time as per the notes above, all numbers are shown on the picture for clarity.

Note no figures will appear when the temperature is outside the 0-12°C range.

This thermometer needs no battery and is therefore more environmentally friendly than other offerings

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