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Thermo Spatula B11/TS1

Thermo Spatula B11/TS1

Ref: B11/TS1

The Thermo Spatula integrates silicon spatula and probe thermometer, ideal for temperature sensitive cooking, like jam making and tempering chocolate. This thermometer spatula combination gives an accurate temperature as you stir. The stainless steel thermometer probe can be removed from the spatula for use as a meat probe as well as making cleaning of the probe and the spatula easier.

The spatula is heat resistant to 220°C
the probes temperature range is -50°C to 300°C (-58°F to 572°F)
The thermometer has on/off switch and °C/°F selection

(4 or fewer items) 14.00 (5 to 9 items) 13.50 (10 to 19 items) 13.00 (20 or more items) 12.50

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