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Welcome To Our Site

Welcome to the Boddingtons Thermometers website.

Card Payments

We are in the process of changing our Credit/Debit card payments provider to ClearAccept. This will allow for a more intergrated payment process, and ultimately more payment options in the future.

We are aware that some Local Goverment/ NHS Trusts do not allow ordering with credit and debit cards, if this effects you please call us and we can arrange alternative payment methods for your order.

While we are under going this transition PayPal payments will still be an option.

New Terms and Conditions

To comply with GDPR we have updated our terms and conditions. Please review the New Terms and Conditions paying particular attention to the privacy section.

Boddingtons Thermometers and the Environment

Boddingtons Thermometers makes every effort to protect the environment starting with selling products to allow our customers to monitor their energy usage, and therefore facilitating their efforts to protect the environment. Where possible we reuse packaging for the dispatch of orders, where we can't reuse we recycle as much as humanly possible. Where reusing packaging is not an option we try to use paper and biodegradable packaging products, from sustainable sources. Our building has photovoltaic panels to supply a significant part of our electricity along with battery storage so that we can make use of solar when the sun is not shining . We try to keep our carbon foot print as small and light as possible

Under New management

From March 1st 2018 Boddingtons Thermometers is changing ownership.

Robin Boddington has decided to retire and the business will now be run by Dave Deacon

Please note that there will be a new address:.Boddingtons Thermometers, 14 Dukes Road, Braintree, Essex CM7 5UE

and a new telephone number : 01376 316133

Contact email addresses will be unchanged.

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